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Our world faces challenges of unprecedented scale and complexity, from democratic decline to deepening inequality. The need for collective action is greater than ever—yet increasing political polarization and social fragmentation inhibit our progress.

The Institute of Global Politics (IGP) brings together experts from the public and private sectors whose views range across the political spectrum to develop and advance evidence-based policy strategies to the end of real-world impact.

Leveraging its platform at Columbia in the heart of New York City, IGP is uniquely positioned to connect powerful political leaders to brilliant academic minds to important figures in business to influence local to global decision-making.

Your gift makes an impact.

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Empower students

The IGP engages students from across Columbia University both as paid research assistants who work directly with the Inaugural Carnegie Distinguished Fellows and as IGP Student Scholars, who participate in bespoke programming throughout the year. Your gifts support this enrichment of the students' academic experience through high level engagement with the Inaugural Carnegie Distinguished Fellows and faculty.

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Advance research

Inaugural Carnegie Distinguished Fellows work in partnership with faculty to produce research- and evidence-based solutions to pressing issues. Your gift supports this critical research and the generation of impact-oriented publications.

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Generate dialogue

Civil discourse is core to the IGP mission. The Institute is committed to evaluate ideas on their merits and challenging students, faculty and the community to do the same. Your support underwrites innovative programming like the Across the Aisle series, where politicians, academics, or professionals holding opposing views are invited to sit in conversation with one another.

Contact: Katie Benvenuto, Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations, School of International and Public Affairs, [email protected]