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Events provide a channel for IGP to engage SIPA students, the Columbia community, and the public at large.

In a highly polarized world, IGP provides a forum for open, respectful dialogue across partisan and ideological divides. IGP’s signature speaker series offer a vital platform to exchange ideas, find common ground, and model constructive debate for the next generation of policy leaders.

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Global Energy Summit
Signature speaker series

Spotlight Interviews

This speaker series will bring prominent public- and private- sector leaders to IGP for intimate, in-depth conversations about today’s most pressing global challenges. Speakers will share insights from their experiences: lessons learned, defining current and future challenges, and advice for the next generation of policy leaders.

Hamerman column capital
Signature speaker series

Across the Aisle

A signature component of the Lavine-Mendelson Civil Discourse Series, IGP’s Across the Aisle series features discussions between prominent domestic and global leaders with opposing viewpoints, with the goal of modeling for students the possibility for and value of respectful civil discourse, which is presently all too rare in our society.

Signature speaker series

Rapid Response

Through online events, faculty interviews, and other editorial products, IGP will release rapid-response analysis, in real time, as events unfold throughout the world, thereby making Columbia’s world-class scholarship more visible, accessible, and impactful.

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In a collaborative event with the Center on Global Energy Policy, leading experts discuss how to hasten the energy transition and make use of effective communication, policy, research, and social mobilization. 

Rapid Response

In this rapid response webinar moderated by Dean Yarhi-Milo, SIPA experts Dr. Kimberly Marten, Dr. Peter Clement, and Dr. Stephen Biddle weigh in with their analysis.

Spotlight Interview

Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton and Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi discuss global politics, national security, and the backsliding of democracy.