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Noteworthy scholars and practitioners from not only Columbia University, but also around the world, play a vital role at IGP.

IGP Faculty Advisory Board

Faculty Advisory Board

An advisory board of faculty members representing SIPA’s key disciplines help guide IGP and its work.

Chaired by Hillary Rodham Clinton, IGP’s Faculty Advisory Board comprises a diverse, interdisciplinary group of faculty whose work spans SIPA’s collective expertise. The Board governs IGP by helping set its policy agenda, selecting Distinguished Fellows and affiliated faculty, and providing guidance on programming and editorial products.

IGP Affiliated Faculty in the News

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Affiliated faculty

IGP draws on the deep resources of Columbia University to achieve its goals and more. Our affiliated faculty extends beyond the walls of SIPA, embracing a broad swath of scholars across Columbia’s three undergraduate schools and 13 graduate and professional schools. Experts in law and business, climate and engineering, the arts and sciences and other fields all play a part — as collaborators with Inaugural Carnegie Distinguished Fellows and with each other and as mentors to students.

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