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Skills Workshops

Skills Workshops

IGP helps students prepare for careers in the policy world. Hands-on training sessions focus on essential practices, like speechwriting and campaign staffing, that are seldom taught in the classroom.


The award-winning journalist Kim Ghattas convened a workshop on April 26 to discuss the process of writing a book with students who aspire to do the same.

On March 27, the Institute of Global Politics (IGP) hosted a skills workshop with the World Bank’s Women, Business, and the Law team, giving students the opportunity to dive deeper into the process of developing indicators.

In today’s deeply polarized political climate, training policymakers in strategies and providing them tools to negotiate across the aisle is critical. 

One speech can change a career — consider the unknown state senator from Chicago whose oratory at the 2004 Democratic National Convention set him on a glide path toward the Oval Office.