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IGP Announcement

IGP Women’s Initiative

Panelists addressed questions of affordability and access for parents, and job quality and economic security for child care workers.

Apr 24 2024

IGP lecture considers impact on women and society — including the increasing targeting of students in high schools and even middle schools.

Apr 22 2024

The Institute of Global Politics and Aspen Digital convened a series of panels to discuss the role that AI will play in upcoming elections around the world.

Apr 08 2024
IGP Student Scholars

Chris Bertram of American University's Program on Legislative Negotiation led a session like the ones he conducts for for staffers in US Congress and state legislatures nationwide.

Apr 01 2024

IGP joined Queen’s University to examine historic negotiations in Northern Ireland and elsewhere, highlighting invaluable contributions that are too often overlooked.

Apr 01 2024
Fellow Spotlight

Panelists including Hon. Henrietta Fore, an IGP Carnegie Distinguished Fellow, discussed issues including education, technology, and finance.

Apr 01 2024
Fellow Spotlight

IGP Carnegie Distinguished Fellow Stacey Abrams discussed her path in politics with participants in the Payne, Pickering, and Rangel programs.

Mar 20 2024

At a recent IGP workshop, the former Georgia legislative leader spoke about gender and racial disparities in internet access and their impacts on securing social services, education, and healthcare.

Mar 19 2024

The Institute of Global Politics (IGP) Women’s Initiative will be an influential comparative policy initiative that will produce quality, actionable research and policy ideas on both domestic and global women’s issues.

Mar 07 2024

Shortly after the Taliban returned to power in 2021, secondary school education for girls was banned throughout the country. The School of Leadership, Afghanistan (SOLA) picked up and moved from Kabul to Rwanda.

Mar 07 2024

IGP in the News

For the past six months, the Columbia Institute of Global Politics and Mozilla have been working with leading AI scholars and practitioners to create a framework on openness and AI. 

May 22 2024
Distilled: Mozilla Blog

There's an urgent need for high-quality, affordable childcare programs in New York City.

Apr 11 2024
WNYC Public Radio
Women’s Leadership, Democracy, and Human Rights

On February 29, Mozilla and the Columbia Institute of Global Politics brought together over 40 leading scholars and practitioners working on openness and AI. These individuals — spanning prominent open source AI startups and companies, non-profit AI labs, and civil society organizations — focused on exploring what “open” should mean in the AI era.

Mar 06 2024
Mozilla Blog