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Areas of Impact

Driving impact on global challenges

Today, our world faces challenges of unprecedented scale and complexity. At IGP, we’re advancing solutions to the most pressing issues of our time by harnessing the deep expertise and experience of leading scholars and practitioners.

Areas of impact

In a time of heightened geopolitical conflict, IGP brings together global leaders to advance civil discourse and nonpartisan policy solutions in service of a more secure future.

Contemporary developments in the United States and other nations threaten the future of democracy. Through its work, IGP is dedicated to promoting democratic norms and institutions around the world.

Climate change threatens the long-term wellbeing of our global communities and natural environment. IGP convenes experts to advance policy solutions for climate, energy, economic development, and more.

Recent crises have highlighted the critical impact of disparities in income, wealth, and opportunity around the world. At IGP, we bring together scholars and practitioners to deepen our understanding of inequality and develop practical policy solutions to promote economic stability and prosperity for all.

As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, IGP provides a forum to examine complex questions and shape policy strategies on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, internet governance, digital economies, disinformation, and more.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

There are so many important challenges that are both local and global and have to be addressed both in the most clear, direct way where people live, but also have to be dealt with globally because you can’t ignore the impact one has on the other.

— Hillary Rodham Clinton

Columbia University building

Advancing solutions to pressing global challenges