Maebh Reynolds

Maebh Reynolds

Co-Founder and CEO, GoPlugable

Maebh Reynolds


A mechanical engineering graduate from Queen’s University Belfast, Maebh Reynolds, leads GoPlugable as its Founder and CEO.

An innovative thought leader and a visionary in the world of electric vehicle infrastructure, Maebh Reynolds stands at the helm of GoPlugable as the Founder and CEO. Armed with an Integrated Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the esteemed Queen’s University Belfast, she embodies a unique fusion of technical expertise, creativity, and passion for sustainable solutions.

Maebh’s journey in the field of the engineering industry began at Danfoss Power Solutions Headquarters in Denmark. There, she was part of an elite team that developed hardware for agriculture and construction vehicles, demonstrating her knack for pioneering work in the automotive sector. She further honed her skills academically after industrial placement in design and manufacturing, contributing significantly to the development and testing of a collapsible electric scooter with a novel backpack design.

Combining her extensive engineering knowledge with her strong commitment to sustainability, Maebh transitioned into the electric vehicle industry, marking her profound interest in design and automation. Her tenacity and forward-thinking vision have been instrumental in the growth of GoPlugable, which is now poised to become the world’s largest peer-to-peer EV charging network.

An outgoing and enthusiastic individual, Maebh thrives in team environments and is unafraid to challenge traditional thinking norms. Her ability to merge logical thinking with creativity forms the bedrock of her leadership style, driving GoPlugable’s innovative culture.

With a keen eye on the future and a firm belief in the potential of sustainable transport, Maebh Reynolds continues to lead GoPlugable on its mission to revolutionize the EV charging experience, contributing significantly to a greener and more sustainable world.